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MTS Product Warranty

FIVE Year Limited Warranty

MTS Company, L.C. polyethylene gas tanks and rubber products are warranted for a period of five years form the date of purchase. MTS will replace any tank or rubber product shown within five years from the date of purchase to be defective in materials and workmanship. No other warranty is made or expressed or implied. Our liability shall be limited to the cost of replacing the tank or rubber product. No labor cost, loss, expense or lost opportunity suffered or incurred by any person or entity directly or indirectly arising from the use of any of our products is included or covered by this warranty. Parts other than the tanks and rubber goods supplied by MTS Company, L.C., are covered by the above terms except that the period of coverage shall be one year. The use of any tank or other part on a vehicle other than the model it was designed for voids this and any other warranty coverage and is neither recommended nor encouraged.


MTS Company, L.C. polyethylene gas tanks are guaranteed against rust through of the tank for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which it was originally installed.

MTS Installation Sheets

Installation Sheet Description Part Example
TAB Sheet Our MTS TAB Sheet is included with every tank that require "tabs." This sheet will explain how to correctly install the sending unit using the lock ring, O-ring and tabs.

Tank Example # 0051

XL Tank Sheet Our MTS XL Sheet will help explain how our specially designed skid plate extensions and top strap are to be installed with an OEM style CJ skid plate. Tank # 0050XL
Tank #0051XL
Top Strap #CJGTS-2
End Straps #CJGTSE-1
Skid plate extensions # CJEX-1
Skid plate #CJSP-1
Jeep® Wagoneer/Cherokee "How-To" Sheet Our MTS Jeep ®Wagoneer/Cherokee Sheet will help explain how our specifically designed 3-piece strap kit is used to mount our plastic tank. Please keep in mind there are a few differences in how Jeep® mounted these tanks, so slight modifications are possible.

Tank # 0020
Tank # 0022
Strap Kit # JWGTSK-1

Toyota® Diagram Our MTS Toyota® "under the seat" tank mounts the same as the original OEM tank. This diagram shows the correct way to attach all components of the fuel system.

Tank # 6040

Int'l Scout® Diagram Our MTS Scout® 80/800 tanks mount just a little different than the original OEM tank. This diagram shows the correct way to attach the straps to the vehicle. Tank # 3012L
Tank # 3012R

Links For the Jeep® Wrangler YJ 20-Gal. Tank

15-20 Gal. YJ Conversion Our MTS Jeep® Wrangler YJ 20 gallon plastic tank is a direct replacement for the "domestic" YJ's. There is a lot of confusion surrounding a 15 gallon plastic and 20 gallon plastic tank from 1987-1990. This website gives a great explanation of why there is a 15 gallon plastic tank and how to turn it into a 20 gallon tank.

Tank # 0065

Federal Cafe Standard The Federal Cafe Standard has a direct effect on many vehicles on the road today. This link will help explain the "who, what, when, where and how" of the Cafe Standard.

Tank # 0065

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